LIVA Energy is established in 2012. Projected plans, building factory with SMT line, were successfully accomplished by 2014 in Sarajevo (Industry Zone), Bosnia and Herzegovina.

LIVA Energy has extended knowledge in the area of electrical and electronics engineering, PCB development, design and custom made production combined with our R&D and technical support for demanding SMT processes with zero-defect approach. Depending on customer request, LIVA Energy is capable of modifying and upgrading production processes as well as adding the required testing equipment into existing production processes.

This all puts LIVA Energy in the rank of unique and exclusive facilities in this technological sector.

Our 9000m2 facility space and 2000m2 production area is ready to meet all client requirements, delivery terms with competitive prices and customer specifications.


We produce solutions that empower our customers in reaching their goals.


To lead the challenges of new technological developments.


Business - operating Concept

Creating a value chain with the support of all our employees and stakeholders, through making use of the latest production technologies and modern management techniques, whilst continuously developing the quality of our production and services through giving priority to sustainability and traceability.

Becoming a technology company that does not only produce for the leading high-tech enterprises of the World, but also has become their most reliable solution partner.

Becoming an added value company, not only for itself, but also for all of its stakeholders.

Quality Approach

LIVA Energy is dedicated to deliver reliable and defect-free products, through offering unique and innovative approach for each customer. We are actively pursuing just-in-time response to all doable requirements coming externally from the customers and internally from our employees.

Customer Satisfaction

As a solution partner for all our customers, using its business network, LIVA Energy is prepared to provide answers for all process inquiries.

Management Commitment

LIVA Energy is committed to serve its customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations, by partnering with world-class suppliers, by managing its processes, and by working in accordance with its quality polices and objectives. HOW?

  • Establish quality policy and ensure that it is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization,
  • Ensure quarterly management reviews of the system
  • Establish quality objectives and targets which can be measured,
  • Ensure availability of the resources needed for the HR development, training, tools, equipment and software.

Focusing on quality is the way we run the business at LIVA Energy. The Role at Management Commitment is there to ensure that all processes are aligned and every employe committed to accomplish defined quality objectives and achieve customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Company Culture

LIVA Energy is an employee-focused company, just like a clock. All the employees are like parts of this clock, one of them is the minute hand, and the other is the hour hand. We believe in hierarchy, which is handled in respect and open dialogue.

LIVA Energy is continuously improving its management systems, employees, technology and products, thus making it an indispensable part of its company culture.

LIVA Energy’s enhancement of activities related to analysis processes and development projects, continues to be an essential foundation of our company culture.

LIVA Energy embraces its employees in a way that makes them feel as part of the family.

LIVA Energy’s approach to occupational health and safety regard is important part of our company culture. All of our employees follow the doctrine: “Do not start work before taking existing and potential occupational, health & safety related dangers under control”.

Company Culture Education - Training is an important part of our company culture and we provide all our employees optional programs to earn preferable proficiencies and gain additional capabilities in necessary fields, as well as motivate them to increase their self-awareness and personal development.

External Communication - As LIVA Energy, we see all our suppliers, subcontractors, and customers in a win-win relationship.

External Communication - LIVA Energy duly defines and creates all necessary communication channels with customers, authorities, stakeholders and sub-contractors. We provide for flawless management of communication established to create common values and profitable outcomes in all related subjects of interest.

Internal Communication - Increasing employee performance and satisfaction within LIVA Energy, is our driving force.

Compliance with Laws - LIVA Energy complies with all applicable legal regulations, including local and international standards, in respect of its products, production systems, health and safety of its employees and environmental protection.

Technology - LIVA Energy makes continuous and efficient use of contemporary methods, technologies, knowledge, ecological and management systems available in this era in order to provide sustainable infrastructure and services. This way, by making research and investment into necessary fields, LIVA Energy reaches the highest possible quality standards.

Occupational Health & Safety and Environment (OHSE)

Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Management is an integral part of LIVA Energy corporate management system.

Through integration of necessary actions into its processes, LIVA Energy is able to hold its environmental impact under control, whilst decreasing and managing waste at its source.

LIVA Energy is managing energy activities in line with the ‘‘Sustainable Development” approach, by making cost efficient use of the existing energy resources without sacrificing the operational business and energy efficiency.

LIVA Energy gives importance to the implementation of precautionary measures in case of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

In order to achieve that, LIVA Energy developed protocols to determine potential dangers. Providences taken to raise occupational health and safety standards to the targeted level are integrated into processes and related documentation.

LIVA Energy continues to invest in necessary implementation of additional precautionary measures.


LIVA Energy continues to investment to company information technology sector and its security, providing both confidentiality and protection of all generated data. By incessantly updating latest Information Security Solutions, LIVA Energy takes pride in its high data protection and traceability systems.

Investors’ contribution to the country's resources

LIVA Energy has highest consideration for the country of its Direct Investment. Through generating added business value, employment opportunity and providing a support to the local economy, LIVA Energy efficiently use available natural resources in its full respect.

This all puts LIVA Energy in the rank of unique and exclusive facilities in this technological sector.


LIVA Energy is established in 2012. Projected plans, building factory with SMT line, were successfully accomplished by the end of 2014 in Sarajevo, B&H. LIVA Energy extended knowledge in the area of electrical engineering, PCB development, design and custom made production combined with our R&D and technical support for demanding SMT processes with zero-defects approach...


LIVA Energy d.o.o. Sarajevo
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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